About NVOY Technologies

We are experts at deploying cloud and onsite IT solutions into fast growing companies.

Our goal is to become your strategic technology partner and enable your business to scale up and disrupt.

What we do

Industries are being disrupted and the world of work is changing at a rapid place.

Whilst this brings disruption to larger businesses, for innovative startups and SME’s it’s leading to huge market opportunities and rapid growth.

With increasing revenues and expanding employee head counts comes a number of challenges, especially with technology and building a scalable foundation in IT infrastructure to support the strategic priorities of your business.

As your company grows it is difficult to balance short term, tactical decisions, with long term, strategic objectives. High pressure and limited resources reduces the time to think and act strategically.

When focusing on developing your products and services, finding IT solutions that can adapt and scale with your rapid growth can be difficult and time consuming.


Your Strategic Technology Partner

NVOY Technologies provide scalable IT solutions to fast growing companies. We understand the challenges of scaling up and can help you to build a solid foundation of IT for your business.

We can free up your time by connecting you with the best technology vendors and simplifying the deployment and integration of cloud and onsite IT solutions. Our goal is to become your strategic technology partner and enable your business to scale up and disrupt.

NVOY Technologies can help your business to:

– Develop an effective IT strategy and deploy scalable systems to support the growth of your company.

– Save time by simplifying the process of choosing the best IT solutions for your business.

– Empower your employees with the best technology and seamlessly onboard new staff.

– Build the foundation for outstanding product development and customer service.

– Consolidate your existing IT spend and maximise future investment.

RingCentral Unified Communications

Bring everyone together with all-in-one phone, team messaging, and video conferencing

  • Cloud hosted Unified Communications as a Service
  • Single application for all your communications
  • Omni-channel contact centre to enhance customer experience
  • Integrations seamlessly with your core business applications

Microsoft Cloud Service Provider

Easily provision cloud services and remove users via our CASCADE licensing platform

  • CSP for Office 365, Dynamics, Power BI, Azure and more
  • Microsoft technical support included Free of Charge
  • Auto-billing, 30 days credit pro-rata, usage reports, analytics
  • Multiple cloud vendors available including Symantec and Acronis

Desktop to Data Centre Compute Environments

Improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of IT infrastructure and systems

  • Secure managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  • Azure data centre to build, manage and deploy applications
  • Flexible, on-demand and fully scalable for your business
  • In-depth lean management processes for IT business operations

Fast and Secure Connectivity as a Service

Next generation technology and automation for fast and secure Connectivity as a Service

  • Internet, Firewall, Network, Wireless and Security as a Service
  • SDN, high capacity, low latency, flexible bandwidth, automation
  • Fast and reliable internet via our advanced carrier network
  • Private connection for UCaaS, SIP and Cloud providers

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How can we help you?

We understand the challenges facing fast growing companies and can help you to build a solid foundation in IT infrastructure for your business.

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