We can help you to deliver fast, reliable and secure Internet, Firewall, Network and Wireless connectivity. Connect your offices and employees by leveraging next generation technology and automation for fast and secure Connectivity as a Service. SDN functionality, high capacity, low latency with flexible bandwidth and optional managed services.

Fast and Secure Connectivity as a Service

Flat_4.1 Broadband

Internet Broadband

Compare fast, reliable and resilient internet connections from multiple providers, at competitive prices.

Whether you have a single site to connect or multiple office and branch locations, we give you access to the largest and most advanced network in the UK for connectivity and digital services.

Gain greater control with flexible bandwidth, allowing you to scale on demand.

Managed Service

Leverage next generation technology and automation for fast and secure Connectivity as a Service.

We can provide you with full installation and managed service for Firewall, Switches, and Wireless. Performance monitoring, optimisation, VPN, policy and change management, all included.

First class support and 24/7 service level agreements available, so you can focus on the more strategic tasks within your business.

Flat_4.3 Network Security

Network Security

Secure your network and protect all your enterprise resources and IT infrastructure, including branches, mobile users and on-premises or cloud hosted systems.

We have a portfolio of leading security solutions available for your business, including network security, ID management and secure access.

We give you greater control, mobility, scalability and resilience to safeguard your business and IT users.

Managed Wi-Fi

Expand your Wi-Fi to a fully Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution with seamless integration of high-performance switching, gateways, and more.

Leverage powerful remote cloud management and next generation mobile applications to easily install, configure and manage your wireless infrastructure and mobile devices.

We will deliver unbeatable value, performance and usability for your business and IT users.

Flat_4.4 Managed Wi-Fi

How can we help you?

We understand the challenges facing fast growing companies and can help you to build a solid foundation in IT infrastructure for your business.

Contact NVOY Technologies today to arrange a call or meeting with one of our technical consultants.

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